Next Friday, 19th February, the first public Conference of SOSTRICE project will take place in ainia facilities in Paterna (Valencia).

The objectives of this Conference will be, on the one hand, to show the objectivesactivities and results of SOSTRICE Project and, on the other hand, to establish a forum for discussion with the addressees of the project in order to know in detail its needs and establish ways of collaboration facilitating thus the transfer of results.

Accordingly, two Round Tables are envisaged, in which initially, project partners will explain the environmental problems of L’Albufera (Valencia) and Las Marismas del Guadalquivir (Andalusia) with regard to traditional management of rice straw, the benefits of the “SOSTRICE model” for the rice straw management from a socio-economic, environmental and technical point of view, as well as the proposed energy valorisation technologies: anaerobic digestion and combustion.

The second Round Table will focus on the different management models of rice straw from an environmental, economic and social perspective. This table will be composed of 10 experts coming from the public administration, private sector and rice-growing sector. The moderator (ainia) will pose related questions for the intervention of the participants in the Table. Then, the floor will be open for the public audience.

Those interested in attending can confirm their attendance taking into account the following aspects:

PLACE: ainia Centre of Technology, Technology Park of Valencia, Benjamin Franklin Avenue, 5-11, Paterna.

DATE: 19 February 2016

PLACES ARE LIMITED: attendance can be confirmed by email ( or by telephone (672 480 529).