Ludan Renewable Energy is a subsidiary of Ludan Group, composed of many companies engaged in engineering, software, process control, environment and energy, which are located in Israel, Holland, Belgium, Spain, Romania, Serbia and Bulgaria.

Ludan Renewable Energy Spain provides innovative technological solutions to clients, counting on engineers, agronomists, chemists, biologists and operators. Biogas, valorization and waste management are the main business of the company, having a wide experience on them.

In addition, it offers expertise for consultancy, economical studies, technical solutions for problems, procurement and construction coordination, standardization for equipment and installation and long-term maintenance.

The way of working of the company is based on business analysis, project definition, finance solutions, construction and operation. Ludan Renewable Energy Spain identifies the potential project, adapts the conditions and contributes solve technical concerns by putting at your disposal an expertise group.

Biogas is one of the areas where Ludan Renewable Energy Spain leads. The gas produced during the decomposition of organic materials in absence of oxygen is a renewable source of energy, and in the last years many industrial plants have been installed in Europe.

The advantages of working with Ludan Renewable Energy Spain reside on the control of the projects from the start until the end, identifying the best opportunities. Some examples of full implementations are:

– Biogas installation Tjuchem

– Biogas installation Moerstraten

– Biogas installation Vall d’Uxó

– Bioefinery Estrella Levante

– Biogas and fertilizer plant Kernel Export

– Biogas Giethoorn Energie

– Biogast Agro Hensbroek

– Biogas Agro Veelerveen

– Biogas plant Chinchilla SL

– Biogas Plant Bonete SL

– Biogas plant Balsa S.L.




Contact details:

Beatriz Veces (Chemical Engineer)

C/ Munich, 73, 33, Bajo

46901 Torrente (Spain)

Tel.: +34 671 82 40 49


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