The Andalusian Institute of Technology (Instituto Andaluz de Tecnología, IAT) is an Innovation and Technology Centre of “Engineering and Knowledge Management “established as a non-profit private foundation, recognised as being of public interest. IAT was created in 1989 and counts on more than 130 professionals. IAT provides Knowledge Intensive Services and develops its own technology. Its mission statement is to assist companies and institutions in improving their results while making them sustainable, providing them Value by using innovative solutions.

Although IAT was created with the objective to improve the competitiveness of Andalusian Companies, its activities have been developed all over the national territory, Europe, Africa and Latin America.

IAT counts on a strong position in Europe by leading and participating in more than 150 R&D and Innovation transnational projects and developing consultancy activities in the last 10 years, being considered one of the Spanish Technology and Innovation Centres with greater presence in Europe, in addition to its wide experience in Latin America and other countries. IAT has wide experience in projects management.

Furthermore, IAT is the Andalusian Agency of AENOR (Spanish Association for Standardisation and Certification) and participates actively in the National Standardisation Technical Committee for Environmental Management. In addition, IAT coordinates the Spanish Technology Platform of Environmental Technologies (PLANETA) and is member of the Enterprise Europe Network.

IAT has several areas of expertise as: regional innovation systems and methodologies for business innovation management, regional development, management systems, in company innovation, energy, environment, training and people development, Industrial design, logistics, among others. Among others, IAT main environmental activities are: Evaluation and improvement of the implementation of environmental policies; Support to organizations in the identification and uptake of the environmental technologies and Best practices and evaluation and improvement of product sustainability (LCA).





Contact details:

Gloria Rodríguez (Project Coordinator)

PCT Cartuja

C/ Leonardo da Vinci, 2

41092 Seville (Spain)

Tel.: +34 954 468 010

Fax: +34 954 460 407

e-mail: grodriguez@iat.es

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