AINIA is a Spanish non-profit technological centre created in 1987 and formed by companies in the food manufacturing sector and related industries (more than 700 food companies as active members), whose objective is the promotion of innovation and technological development in the agro-food sector.


AINIA has a very strong expertise in R&D, Technical Assistance; Analysis; Training and Technology Transfer. During the last year near 200 R&D projects (national and international) were developed, as well as a high number of consulting and training activities.


AINIA is a leading technology centre in the area of Anaerobic Digestion (biogas/biomethane) of agricultural organic waste. Main research areas are: development of new pre-treatments, validation of new substrates, reduction of biological risks, control and modelling of the anaerobic process, microbiological characterization of the anaerobic fermentation by means of molecular biological tools (PCR/DGGE).


AINIA has available a highly qualified experimental infrastructure for anaerobic digestion research. In particular, a biomethanation unit at semi-industrial scale composed of 15 pilot biodigesters to carry out tests for evaluating biogas productivity and composition, optimal substrates mixture, best operational parameters and the quality of the digestate, among other parameters. It boasts a biomethanation unit at laboratory scale composed by 72 biodigesters to carry out maximum biogas potential tests (MBP) by means of the VDI 4630 standard.


AINIA has participated and led various EC projects as INTEGRAL-B (LIFE): joint production of biogas and biodiesel from waste from the HORECA trade; AD-WISE (VIIPM) new VFAP on-line monitoring system based on spectroscopy (optical technology). BIOMAN (VIIPM): Economically efficient biogas production from manure fibers and straw; BIOGAS3 (Intelligent Energy Europe program): sustainable small-scale biogas from agri-food waste for energy self-sufficiency.




Contact details:

Gracia Silvestre

C/Benjamín Franklin 5-11 (Parque Tecnológico Valencia)

46980 Paterna (Valencia, Spain)




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