During the public Conference in Valencia, project partners took the opportunity to present the environmental concerns that SOSTRICE Project tackles, as well as the different technological solutions and environmental, technical and economic advantages that offer the new management model of rice straw proposed by the project. Additionally, the experts invited  to the Round Table discussed about the challenges and solutions for sustainable management of rice straw in L’Albufera and Las Marismas del Guadalquivir.

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In this Round Table, moderated by AINIA, a number of questions were raised to the experts, amongst whom were representatives of the Public Administration, Farmers’ Associations, Environmental Groups, rice companies and farmers from L’Albufera and Las Marismas. The participants in this Round Table had the opportunity to share different viewsrequirementsprevious experiences and problems associated with the traditional management of rice straw, as well as their opinion about the project, reaching conclusions which will help to improve the environmental concerns in both areas and the project implementation.

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The conference, that took place on February 19th in AINIA, was a very productive session where all participants emphasized the relevance of the project and showed their interest in knowing its main progresses and results.

At the end of the event, the attendees visited the facilities of AINIA.